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About Us

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What Makes Spin King Unique

Throughout the years of running Southeast QLD Table Tennis Club – our team has worked with numerous different table surfaces and setups - with constantly moving the layout of our hall it was pivotal our tables would be highly durable and be able to withstand the volume of use. We'd constantly fold up/down/ change position of our tables on a day-to-day basis. 


Next is the quality of the surface which we have customised over the years to assure that they are a perfect balance of, long term durability, affordability and consistent bounce. Our Tables are used in the highest form of competition in our state. 


Our brand is unique because we are also the main consumer. Spin King offers very high-quality options for very competitive prices – matched with strong after sales communication and support.


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Spin King was created to further promote our beloved sport of Table tennis, Our team behind the brand have been strongly entrenched on the table tennis scene through competing at the highest level in Australia and coaching our next generation of players- Our goal was always to create our own brand that was suitable for the highest level of competition and also affordable for families to have in their homes.


Our team have sourced , customised our branding of table tennis table through a Chinese manufacturing company in  Dingzhou City, Hebei Province, who have been manufacturing tables since 1995, through ISO9001:2004 system, they have a full production processes: SMC pressure, machine-Board, Polishing and table board surface, UV coating, flow-Tubes, Material laser cutting, machine-Welding, machines-Shot blasting, machine-Spraying, coating-Inspection and Assemble Packing.


Spin King Australia is endorsed By Queensland’s Leading Table Tennis Organization – South East Queensland Table Tennis  - All our tables have been tested and modified to club level standards.

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